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Our personal injury compensation claim solicitors offer legal advice on compensation claims for failed bio medical devices. Our solicitors use the no win no fee scheme for claims involving substandard medical equipment. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client.

Bio Medical Device Definition

The term 'bio-medical device' is used to describe a wide range of equipment used both externally and also implanted internally into the body for cosmetic or functional purposes. This description applies to prosthetic implants including breast implants and implants to improve musculature appearance and to devices as diverse as artificial heart valves, pacemakers, internal mechanical contraceptive devices, plates and pins for bone stability and replacement hips. The term is also used to describe orthopaedic aids including wheelchairs, respiratory equipment and mobility aids which may be purchased or loaned by hospitals to aid recovery.


Previously it was necessary to prove that a manufacturer of a bio medical device was negligent in order for a solicitor to make a compensation claim however the manufacturer of bio medical devices are now strictly liable for any injury caused by their products and it is not necessary to show that they were negligent or at fault. This legislation applies in respect of goods first supplied after the 1st of March 1988 and covers the whole of the United Kingdom.


Compensation claims for failed bio medical devices that come under this category and affect a lot of people are often dealt with by personal injury solicitors as a 'multi party action' where a number of potential claimants effectively join together to pursue a common cause however there is nothing to stop individuals making a separate claim. Multi party actions or class actions or group legal action usually involves a group of people taking legal action together for compensation in a Court of Law for similar injuries caused by a similar event against the same defendant. A multi party action allows one judge to hear the generic case which leads to substantial saving of time and legal costs.


LEGAL HELPLINE 0844 414 4176